What Makes A Leader?

Traditional qualities associated with leadership are determination, intelligence, toughness and a good vision. Yet, there is no guarantee that leaders having these qualities in a good measure are sure to succeed. So what is it that sets an effective leader apart?

As per Psychologist Daniel Goleman, these victory skills are, very soft and un-business-like skills of Emotional Intelligence(EI), which has shown to directly influence measurable results in leadership. EI is the ability to monitor your feelings and those of others, to guide your thinking and behavior.  The EI skills come as a combination of self-management and relationship skills.

Let’s take a look.

Infographic showing co-relation between leaders and emotional intelligence

*Psychologist Daniel Goleman’s 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence,
Based on an article from Harvard Business Review

It is important to understand that we do not possess each of these qualities in 20% each to make a 100% whole. So we need to be aware of our EI composition (based on self awareness and past experiences), admit our lacking traits, make efforts to develop them, practice them and use them.

As long as you want to get to that leadership level where leaders are effective to make a positive difference, you still have a chance to grow!

Information Credit: What Makes a Leader, Harvard Business Review

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