How Swiggy Started

Infographic showing how Swiggy started, went on to raise money and become a giant in the food tech industry. Infographic by Vaishali Verma
How Swiggy Started : By Vaishali Verma

Swiggy is one giant in the food tech industry that has made food delivery easy, almost at the click of a button.
The trio that made Swiggy what it is today, just started out as another attempt to make a Startup.
Take a look!


It is mostly a familiar progression that happens in most of the startups. Two people (Sriharsha Majety & Nandan Reddy) set out to launch a delivery management platform had to shut operations the next year of its launch. But with enough experience of logistics operations they decided to give hyper local delivery a shot. But do hyperlocal delivery of what? Food is what they thought of after having enough troubles of ordering food for themselves. A deeper look and they realized that the segment is to be organized and took it on themselves. They roped in a techie (Rahul Jaimani) and started in house tech development.
Restaurants were signed up, a fleet of delivery boys (full-time and part-time) was made, customer facing iOS and Android app and website were designed, all these were put together and the rest is history.

Swiggy has made it possible for us to order food from nearby restaurants and relish it within the next 40 minutes (average time).
Now we can ponder if failing fast or having an in-house tech team or owning a delivery fleet and having real time updates is ever a good idea!

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