How InShorts Started


Or, the story of 3 IITians who can update you with daily news on your mobile in less than 15 minutes everyday.
Take a look of what it takes for a Facebook page to get converted to one of India’s Leading News Apps.
(Inshorts is a News App that gives news in 60 words or less, available on android and iOS)


Infographic showing how inshorts or newsinshorts started and how it went on to be a leading news app in the country. Infograph by Vaishali Verma
How InShorts Started: By Vaishali Verma

This is yet another story of how Simple Ideas can make Successful Startup.

Joining IIT only to get out of it half way is what 2 IIT Delhi students – Azhar Iqbal and Anunay Arunav (Mathematics and Computing)- along with Deepit Purkayastha (Computer Science and Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur did only as an attempt to take the road less travelled.
And what made them do so is – understand in the fact that people cannot consume news through newspapers. Blame it on the pace of the day or decreasing attention span or the lack of facts and overdose of opinions.
Thus the mobile friendly news app came into being. Along with it came a question its founders were facing head on – how do we monetize?
As we see, money did happen later in their journey. We can now ponder if spending few money-less years on making a great unbeatable product is ever worth it!

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