How Patanjali Ayurved Started


Since Patanjali Ayurved launched in 2006, it is growing faster than ever. So much so that consumers are buying it without second thoughts, giving goosebumps to its rival FMCG’s. And maybe its case study presence in management schools has made it even more glorifying.
What is so different about Patanjali, that in spite of no need of any new player in the then FMCG space, it came, it conquered and it disrupted.
Lets take a look!

Infographic showing how Patanjali Started and what it did to disrupt the Indian FMCG space

Patanjali is a classic example of how breaking away from decades of practice of conventional methods of product formulation (all products considered herbal – very much what the market satisfied itself with), marketing (Baba Ramdev gained followers and oriented them all) and maybe its expansion strategy, not only defines new rules of the game but also plays by it!

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