Stayzilla : What Went Wrong

Also known as the Airbnb of India, Stayzilla has put a halt to its operations and promises to come back in a new avatar. Does it come as a surprise to us, lets find out!

infographic of stayzilla failure. stayzilla was airbnb of india. co-founded by yogendra yashupal. infograph by vaishali verma
What Went Wrong With Stayzilla: By Vaishali Verma

In spite of having a lot of firsts (as a hotel aggregator, to venture into homestays in Indian market and many more) and upto Series C funding, Stayzilla could not continue to be significant.
As we sit and ponder about what went wrong here, it is worth giving a thought about how to develop the product and position it in the market that competition is always kept at a safer distance.


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