Stayzilla : What Went Wrong

3rd May ‘2017

Also known as the Airbnb of India, Stayzilla has put a halt to its operations and promises to come back in a new avatar. Does it come as a surprise to us, lets find out!

infographic of stayzilla failure. stayzilla was airbnb of india. co-founded by yogendra yashupal. infograph by vaishali verma
What Went Wrong With Stayzilla: By Vaishali Verma

In spite of having a lot of firsts (as a hotel aggregator, to venture into homestays in Indian market and many more) and upto Series C funding, Stayzilla could not continue to be significant.
As we sit and ponder about what went wrong here, it is worth giving a thought about how to develop the product and position it in the market that competition is always kept at bay.

Update 28th August ‘2019

There are examples that show us how volatile owning a startup can be. Small fumbles can be made a big deal if you are with the wrong people at the wrong time.

Just when Stayzilla halted its operations to redress itself, the arrest of its founder and CEO made us realize that there was no coming back ever.

After the recent demise of CCD founder VG Siddhartha, where he mentioned being under debt with no way out, Stayzilla draws parallel to it. The difference lies in the quantity of debt they were under and so their destiny.

Stayzilla: The End
Stayzilla: The End
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