How Arnab Goswami Started

‘The Nation wants to know’ to ‘The Nation still wants to know’ – Arnab Goswami is back, this time with a brand of his own. Republic TV was born when Goswami resigned from his job at Times Now. The reason for his resignation is debatable, but should we believe that Goswami himself got bigger than his previous employer? Let’s find out!


Infographic showing the timeline of Arnab Goswami and the birth of his new venture Republic TV

It is just about doing the same job differently. When many journalist believed in playing politically correct, Goswami did not see a point in this. He believed journalism was all about expressing opinions and facts and he stayed true in the infinite debates held on his shows. The TRP increase also confirmed the same. And so begun his journey towards stardom.
While it is difficult to identify reasons that led to Goswami coming up with a brand of his own, it is evident that he is not one of the lot. How different can he be in his new venture, is a story for time to tell.

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