Why Startup Enterpreneurs Turns Investors

For young enterpreneurs who are still too small to be noticed by VC’s and have run through most of their money trying to take off, the idea of other enterpreneurs available for investment is a blessing. So what is it that makes fellow successful enterpreneurs invest in upcoming startups?
Let’s take a look!

Why Startup Entrepreneurs turn Investors and how it becomes a give-and-take relationship

These investments behave as give and take relationship for people of both sides.
Startups come with unusual talent of breaking away from typical way of functioning to something more value added. Thus for every great startup idea waiting to make it big, everyone wants to be a part of it and be amongst the first few to view the startup horizon.

Some Notable Examples of such Investments –
Binny Bansal (Co-founder and Group CEO @ Flipkart) – Blume Ventures, India Quotient, Stellaris, Traxcn Labs, Pi Ventures
Sachin Bansal (Co-founder and Executive Chairman @ Flipkart) – Traxcn Labs
Kris Gopalakrishnan (Co-founder @ Infosys) – IDG Ventures
Deep Kalra (CEO @ Make My Trip) – Pi Ventures
Girish Mathrubootham (Co-founder @ Freshdesk) – SaaS Accelerator

If you haven’t met them or pitched to them you could connect with them at several startup connecting events held across the country.

Most of the information for this infographic comes from livemint’s article on the same.
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