How To Make an Elevator Pitch

Much like the power of an elevator to take you up or down, an elevator pitch comes with the same power to your business and in the same amount of time. It is a pitch planned, practiced in advance – that outlines the idea of your product, service or your project – to be delivered in up to 60 seconds to your potential investors, employees or customers.
How would you differentiate an elevator pitch from a successful one?
A successful one would lead you to further communication.
What should an Elevator Pitch include, lets take a look.

Content that introduces your business to people is important for the growth of the business and more so if the business is starting up. People run out of time, all the time. Therefore it makes more sense that this pitch is short, crisp and simple.

One size does not fit all, and so the pitch must be customized to suit the interest of your listener be it an investor, a perspective customer or a perspective employee. Based on who the listener is, the USP of your product/service changes. An employee may be interested in scope, designation and salary offered whereas an investor may be interested in all aspects, at a whole new level. The reinforcement is provided through the necessary data which ease the listener of decision making along with a hint of the company culture that is followed.
And lastly, keep your contact details handy to make sure the conversation is not closed.

If you have a pitch ready, make sure it contains the above mentioned points. If it is not, start working on it. Remember, it is for ‘elevating’, ‘your business’ to the ‘next level’

Points for this infographic are taken from Nasscom’s Article about the same.

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  1. June 13, 2017

    Very helpful. Since I am in the process of becoming an entrepreneur, I understand its significance very well

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