How Rujuta Diwekar Started

Rujuta Diwekar is one of India’s leading nutritionist. She has been working hard to bring plant grown foods on our plates rather than those manufactured in plants. She is also continuously shattering some of our concepts about the right and wrong of eating foods.

As a child, she wanted to take the road less traveled – and so she did. How did such a person come to be?


Timeline infographic of how Rujuta Diwekar started. India’s leading nutritionist. Kareena Kapoor khan. Anil Ambani. Gaurav Punj. Infograph by Vaishali Verma.
How Rujuta Diwekar Started: By Vaishali Verma


How did she start? Just by having deep rooted beliefs into the traditional way of eating foods that she inherited from her family. Her grandparents further cemented this concept so much so that in spite of all current food and dieting trends she chooses to rely on her database about the right and wrong of foods.

Rujuta and Studies
At a very young age she showed massive interest in sports. She decided to make this her career and did not let her graduation in Chemistry mess with it. She did a teachers training course from a yoga academy and went on to study Sports and Nutrition.
It was while studying there that she realized how we choose to blindly follow the Western concepts throwing our own teachings and heritage out of the window. And she decided to reverse it. It meant re-teaching the younger Indian generations about the culture and heritage that this country has to offer.

Rujuta and her Gym
Urja – started as a local gym down the corner. But her value add was nutrition and lifestyle counseling.
The simplicity and the easy-to-follow plans made her famous which in-turn gave her her first influential contact – Anil Ambani.

Rujuta and Bollywood
Her work also made David Dhawan’s wife – Karuna Dhawan – come to her for counseling. And this marked her beginning in Bollywood. Coaching a few budding actors – Kareena came her way to ask help to loose weight. And the rest is history.

Rujuta and Books
She understood the need to reach out beyond influencing people to the general public. She choose book as a medium – partly her idea and partly Kareena Kapoor’s who convinced her to pen all her works, diet plans and bring them to the general public. With the number of books she has authored, we know she has done a good job there.

Rujuta is tirelessly doing her bit to promote Indian Foods and make us healthier and fitter. She also has big names and big results to her name. Now we can ponder if getting in touch with our own foods and health was ever a good idea.

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  1. July 31, 2018

    This is fab Vaishali. I might not have invested time in reading this as text but thoroughly enjoyed your infographic. Love Rujuta’s work too!
    #WomenPower #KeepRocking

    • July 31, 2018

      Sheetal, you have always been there for me 🙂 and thank you for that!!

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