How IoT Evolved

Human to human is the most primitive form of communication known to man. Today, machine to machine is the most updated.
Let’s take a look on how it all evolved!

Evolutoin of IoT in chronolgical order - human to human, world wide web, web 2.0, social media, machine to machine.

IoT has become the next step in the internet evolution. It harnesses the intelligence of billions of sensors and devices that collect big data to make decisions. We have begun the next evolution in the way we use our internet, a revolution that enables machine-to-machine communications (M2M)

Our daily life changes when everyday objects are connected to the information system and create a virtual universe in which machine and humans can interact to make the society safer, greener and healthier.

Living a life in the pre-internet era is history today. Now we can sit and ponder how to use the internet to make our today smarter than yesterday.

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