What Indian Startups Allow Its Users to Accomplish

India has seen a lot of startups being pampered with capital (bootstrapped / funded), high ticket rounds, valuations and customers. When there is high capital and customers involved, it is worth spending time to take a look at the ideas these startups are up to.

While collecting data for this infographic, we combined the list of Indian Startups that have been funded by Tiger Global Management and Sequioa Capital (notable investors in Indian Startups with big ticket size) in and after the year 2015. Rest we rejected to keep the list applicable to what is trending today.

What Indian Startups allow users to accomplish, infographic based on  portfolio of Tiger Global & Sequioa Capital after 2015 to 2018 by Vaishali Verma
What Indian Startups Allow Their Users to Accomplish: By Vaishali Verma

The reason it is interesting to look at startup ideas through the funding data is that we get a hint of whether we need to clog the idea space with more startups executing the same idea or do we need to make space to insert a new idea altogether. It is to choose between, struggling to stand out or struggling to make a mark.

What do we have in abundance?
More than a quarter of the total listed startups help people buy and sell online. Is it worth still making something that could be of more value than what they already get? May be, may be not.

What do we have in scarce?
The ability to look for new ideas. The ability to identify what is missing or broken in your daily life. There are obvious ideas lying around, so says Paul Graham. If you keep pursuing these ideas, it would be hard not to end up making something of value to a lot of people. There is nothing more valuable than an unmet need that is just becoming fixable.

..and everything in between..
These are problems that now have a solution. But there are more than one ways to address the problem. Lets think more about them.

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