How to Come Up With A Startup Idea

Paul Graham’s way of coming up with organic startup idea that by fixing things that seem broken. Infograph by Vaishali Verma.
How to Come Up With a Startup Idea : By Vaishali Verma

An idea can come in one of these two ways: those that come out of your own life and those that you think is needed by a group of users known to
This infographic is based on the ideas that come up from your own life. These are easy to validate and to work around to realize their finest version. So how do you come up with them?
This is how.

How easy can it be to determine something missing or broken in ones daily life? Very, if you see the Mumbai Dabbawala’s or Rujuta Diwekar. They conceived their ideas as projects, that would fix something they saw missing. And worked hard to make money from it. Your idea is your gold mine, but you have to work hard to dig the gold out of it.

It is time we think of fresh ideas. The market demands something new. The startup idea space is already clogged and needs fresh segment inserts. How much more value addition can an already executed idea give to a newly formed startup?

We have not stressed here on the idea that you think a group of users will need. Because the most successful startups will be closer to the first type than the second, even though there is no sharp line between them. It takes experience (and age or setbacks) to come up with something that you feel will be useful to a known group of people.

How These Founders Got Their Idea

Further to Paul Graham’s appreciable method of how to come up with startup ideas, that is, ideas that come up when you see something broken or realize the need to fix something, I made a list of Indian startups that have found their idea in a similar way. 
It is to mention here that all these ideas have come up from personal experiences – something that happened to the founder or felt the need to copy an idea from someplace else to suit the local market. 
Let’s take a look.

How people came up with Startup ideas from life experiences and made a startup out of them
How These Founders Got Their Idea – By Vaishali Verma

In this info graph we are looking at the timeline of ideas. No matter who we are, we all go through good, bad experiences or any eureka moment the same. What makes these founders different from others is that they pondered around the feeling of good, bad or eureka to make it profitable.

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