Why is Sachin Bansal Betting Big

$16 billion – was the size of the cheque that Walmart wrote to Flipkart.

~$1 billion – was the cheque that Sachin Bansal got.

Sachin Bansal will forever be known as Flipkart’s co-founder. When his remaining days in the company were to be counted on one hand, he was increasingly spoken less and less about. The limelight focused on Binny Bansal who then became the Group CEO, while Sachin was given complete exit.


There may not be one particular answer. Maybe, these are political.

But what one could expect while seeing all this happen is that this was the chance for Sachin to reclaim his identity as the primary force – the identity that was robbed from him when Tiger’s Kalyan Krishnamurthy came into picture.

Let’s take a look at his past, present and possible future.

Sachin Bansal, on his present and future plans and investments after cofounding BAC Acquisitions Pvt. Ltd., as mentioned by The-Ken
Why is Sachin Bansal Betting Big : By Vaishali Verma

His way of reclaiming his legacy
$1 billion is the money that would make any startup founder ecstatic – would make this world their oyster. Not so in this case. Thanks to the secondary exits of some of his Flipkart shares, Sachin was already a rich man. Addition of a few more zero’s would make no difference.

What made the only difference here is the inability to remain the driving force. Therefore, these big bets. They not only signal heavy duty commitment but also give him a chance to sit on the same table as of Flipkart’s major investors – Tiger Global and SoftBank.

Making multiple smaller bets would enforce lots of logical and time related challenges, while diffusing his impact.

BAC Acquisitions Pvt. Ltd.
Sachin registered this company while a few days shy of 2019 and holds 99.01% stake. The remaining are held by Ankit Agarwal – his IIT Delhi batch mate who was until recently the Director of Bank Of America.
Their first investment, $21 million, in Ola has been made and has committed a total of $100 million in future.
The next in line is expected to be Ather Energy, a Bangalore based Electric Vehicle Company – is what can guess.

While we happily ponder about what he chooses to do with his money, he may be working towards building a new trajectory in the Indian Startups – exactly the way he made it happen for Flipkart when Tiger’s Lee Fixel choose to make a $10 million bet, 10 years ago.

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