Last Thoughts of the Cafe Coffee Day Founder

Its not uncommon.

But it is in here. Especially after creating a coffee empire.

In death, VG Siddhartha unfortunately attracted the kind of publicity he has been avoiding all his life. The intensely private businessman who owned large coffee estates and went on to build Cafe Coffee Day – gave up on life. His family continues his legacy – remain private and avoid the limelight.

If you have felt this tragic death more in your gut than just another name in the news, it is partly because we could identify tumult in his parting note. Who amongst us has not known the dreadful lows that persistent adversity brings?

Attached below is a representation of the thoughts he must have been holding in his mind while taking the last plunge.

1. A letter was written 2 days prior to his death. It surfaced within the company management 2 days after his demise – the time took to fetch him out of the river.
2. On the previous evening, he stepped out of the house for a few hours and returned back to dinner. As told by a source in their house.
3. A senior tax officer’s harassment, without being named, has been mentioned in the letter. The IT department denies Siddhartha being harassed in the hands of tax authorities.
4. His father, Shri Ganaiah Hedge, took his last a few days after his son’s demise. They both have been put to rest besides each other in their family estate.
5. The Netravati river bridge, the water of which put him to rest, has taken up putting its bridge barricade seriously as 4 more cases of attempt to suicide have been reported from there.

All my views, my own.

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